About Us

Who We are

Avvai Araneri Paadasalai (Avvai Academy of Life Sciences) was started with an objective to inculcate an honest, fair and progressive thought process in the minds of children and youngsters. Our aim is to equip the younger generation to face any kind of situation with resilience, compassion and to develop a strong sense of consciousness towards fellow humans and the environment. Our passion to lead a meaningful and simple life brought us here and the purpose of this initiative is to spread what we learnt in this journey.

Vision statement

To help make the future generation to be self-sustained and equip them to utilize all resources effectively and responsibly. To help build a society with a higher moral code.


  • Creating a younger generation that appreciates nature and respects fellow human beings.
  • Realizing the greatness of values, ethics and practicing it.
  • Understanding the importance of mental and physical health and enhancing them.
  • Managing and enriching all-natural resources effectively.
  • To learn the richness and greatness of art, culture, tradition and history
  • Understand the importance of family, friends and a healthy society.
  • To understand the importance and intricacies of domestic, inter-national and geo-politics.
  • To encourage individuality.

Let's take an Action

Let’s take an initiative to introduce the world of Moral science to the next generation in a way they would love.