Durai. Manikandan was born and brought up in Madurai. He graduated from Madura College and completed Master’s in International business from Alagappa University. His interest and passion to be in the shipping industry got him into the container liner shipping. He undertook different responsibilities in various locations during the initial six formative years. After honing the skills in shipping, logistics and supply chain management, he managed the International containerized business for the South India region till 2018 in the global shipping company over ten years. He is an enthusiastic sportsman. He has studied and is practicing classical acupuncture medicine. He lives in Chennai with his wife and two daughters. The desire to help and grow young children to be self-assured and well-informed has driven him to set up this learning center.
He has had the pleasure and peace of meeting some of the finest personalities on this journey, and feels blessed to have some of them as his mentors.

Sundeep Sibal - Most inspired leader, modern yet simple, visionary yet realistic, decisive yet supportive. He leads by example. He has been managing international responsibilities for over 30 years around the globe and currently serves as Senior Vice President of a Global Shipping organization in Singapore.

Bose K Mohammad Meera – He is an outstanding natural life philosopher and excellent healer. Through his simple life-style and knowledge-sharing, he has been creating awareness of the nature and improvement of human potential for over 20 years. He is the Director - Cumbam Academy of Acupuncture, and President - Acupuncture Healers Federation (India). He is a trained martial artist.

I would also like to extend my sincere gratitude to the renowned academicians and social well-wishers for their contribution,

Vasanth Peter, Principal – Sangeeth School of Music,
Emily S. Titus, Principal – CSI Monahan Higher Secondary School,
Umar Farook, Principal – Cumbam Academy of Acupuncture,
M.C. Roy - Managing Director, D2D Logistics
Ravi varman - General Manager, Teamglobal
Pravin J kalyan and family