Need for this academy

While our children are being taught languages, arts, science and history which are essential for survival, the question that remains is whether they are learnt/are learning “how to live”.
Generally, parents instil thoughts in the minds of kids that the world is highly competitive, and so they are groomed as race-horses with the single-minded thought that only the winner would get recognized. While parents can rightfully expect their children to complete their studies, learn skills and become successful, it is imperative that the children learn how to do this organically.
In this fast-robotic digitalized world, we, as parents must ask ourselves whether we take sincere efforts to implant in the minds of our children on how to treat themselves with dignity and have a strong consciousness about self and society.
Children are the growing pillars of the nation and they are going to govern the country in all fronts in future. We strongly believe, nature and life have many things to offer. Providing a strong foundation and enhancing the potential of every child is an important aspect in their growing years.

This is a small initiative to inculcate a progressive thought process with the right ingredients. We believe this would help them view and observe their life in a broader spectrum, empower them and help them be a responsible individual to lead a well-balanced, respectable and a harmonious life.